About Us

Rockmart is a company that is committed to delivering value, choice, and service to its customer base.  

The Rockmart concept was borne in response to the frustration and dissatisfaction with the high cost of food items and household goods in the Virgin Islands.

All of Rockmart's principal founders are native sons that were born and raised in the Virgin islands and understand the burdens that these costs place on a family's budget . . . a family which is not only trying to survive but also thrive.  

Our commitment to launching this business was further reinforced after our Islands suffered through the devastation of two category-5 hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.  These catastrophic events further limited options for customers to choose from.  We intend to be one of the top choices of value-conscious consumers looking to make cost-effective purchase decisions regarding food and household items. 

Embracing that mandate, Rockmart is committed to improving our local communities through the idea that we can successfully deliver affordable products and services to both the business and individual consumers that we serve.