Rockmart Shipping

       For customers who desire to order products (any category) from overseas vendors whom do not ship to the Virgin Islands or do so at exorbitant costs via FedEx, DHL, or UPS, you now have a more affordable option with Rockmart.  You can use Rockmart’s receiving address on the mainland as your shipping address, and we will receive the designated items on your behalf.  Then we will ship them to the Virgin Islands and deliver directly to you as we do all our other products.  NO TRIPS TO FREIGHT FORWARDERS, EXCISE TAX, CUSTOMS, OR THE POST OFFICE!  

1.)    First, ship your products to Rockmart’s address using the following designation: ROCKMART, c/o YOUR NAME, 9505 NW 108th AVE, MEDLEY FL 33178.

2.)    Second, email your receipt/invoice and order to, and your items will be sent with our next weekly shipment that departs every Friday with arrival Tuesdays. This will help us track, monitor, and give you better updates as to the timing of your delivery. 

3.)     We will notify you of the cost and then you pay via our website by searching “SHIPPING CHARGES”.

4.)    Your items will be delivered directly to you following the same guidelines as regular orders.

Orders can be shipped for as low as $12.5 for one Cubic Foot plus 3% of the value for insurance and administrative charges.  For example, a six gallon water box measuring 18x13x12 (2ft3) would cost $21.50 plus 3% of the item(s) value for insurance.  A 10 speed Mountain Bike valued at $185 boxed in a 48x9x36 (9ft3) package would be $60 plus $4.63(3%) for insurance. 

*** Disclaimer

To avoid any delays in receiving your products, it is important that when filling in your customer information that you either place ROCKMART first and then YOUR NAME (first and last) in the last name slot.  If the form prevents you from using **c/o YOUR NAME in the last name slot (typical of Ebay), use c/o Rockmart as an addendum to the shipping address. If there is a 2nd address line you can put the c/o Rockmart label in that line without any issues 

We have outlined examples below:

1st Example

First Name – ROCKMART    Last Name – JaneSmith

Address: 9505 NW 108th Avenue

2nd Example

First Name – ROCKMART    Last Name – JSmith

Address: 9505 NW 108th Avenue **c/o Rockmart

3rd Example

First Name – ROCKMART    Last Name – JANESMITH

Address: 9505 NW 108th Avenue

Second Address: **c/o Jane Smith